Power, PDU & Networking Solutions for Military Active Protection System Program

The use of active protection on ground vehicles is now a widely adopted solution, especially considering developments in radar, LIDAR, infrared, and other sensor technologies coupled with high-speed processing capabilities. Enercon Technologies supplies various technologies for this APS application.

Enercon Technologies customized version of M4054 VPX DC/DC power supply and customized power distribution unit (PDU) support an Active Protection System (APS) program of the US Army. The program addresses a critical safety and protection requirements for soldiers operating in ground vehicles. Our MILTECH 912 and MILTECH 9012C from our new rugged Ethernet networking solutions are also part of this program.

The first primary challenge Enercon Technologies assisted the customer in overcoming was identifying a SOSA-aligned power supply in excess of 600W of total power, operating up to 85⁰C, with an integrated EMI filter compliant to MIL-STD-461. The second challenge was the ability to pass rigorous safety testing requirements. Two products were identified for this application to help overcome these challenges:

  • SOSA-aligned, 6 output, DC/DC power supply to down convert voltage and current from the vehicle power bus to computing equipment and sensors. Mature topologies and a high-density design approach ensured a reliable, SWaP-efficient power solution for the APS application.
  • To protect sensitive sensors and computing equipment within the APS architecture, modified intelligent power management solution was developed. Our scalable power distribution unit (PDU) technology can be quickly configured to address current limits for sensitive loads and be monitored remotely.

    To support communications between components within the APS solution and other subsystem in the vehicle, a rugged Ethernet switch and rugged VICTORY-standard switch/router from our new networking product range are also part of this program. .

    An active protection system is precisely the critical application Enercon Technologies was created to support, an application that requires our products to offer an extremely high levels of reliability, precision, and efficiency.

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